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Propagation Of The Faith: Restoring A Person’s Freedom, One Wheelchair At A Time

Propagation Of The Faith: Restoring A Person’s Freedom, One Wheelchair At A Time February 7th, By Ines San Martin of The Pontifical Mission Societies, USA “One person once told me that the wheelchair we give is a sacrament, because it transforms people’s lives,” he said. “It is a visible sign of a visible relationship.” In […]

Pope Francis in Mongolia: A Beacon of Hope and Unity

Pope Francis in Mongolia: A Beacon of Hope and Unity Mongolia has only 3.4 million people, and though the majority are Buddhist, there is also a 39 percent of the population who are atheist. The small Catholic community came into existence after this landlocked country, bordered by Russia to the north and China to the […]

Prayers for Persecuted Christians in Pakistan

Prayers for Persecuted Christians in Pakistan “Christians in Pakistan, when we think of the Western world, we think of you as our elder brothers and sisters in the faith, as the center of Christianity,” expresses Father Faryadd*, reflecting the heart of countless believers in the nation. On August 16th, in the town of Jaranwala, a […]

Good Shepherd Sisters Follow the Example of Mary in Myanmar

A New Feast Day for Our Blessed Mother as decreed by Pope Francis for the Month of May, a time when Missionaries show a great affection for Mary and live their lives by her example

Be Missionary . . . present a Child with a Gift of Hope

Learn about the Lindalva Centre in Cambodia, run by Sister Eulie Desacula and the Daughters of Charity, and how they help provide families with the support they need.

Faith grows from the ground up . . .

Today, there are close to 60,000 Catholics spread over 35 parishes and 10 mission centers in the Diocese of Kohima, which encompasses virtually all of Nagaland. The story of the Sisters who started with no one and no material help.

Love & Mission

Missionaries serving in Lebanon understand the words that Pope Francis spoke about Christian love. Desperate for help, peoples are fleeing in great numbers to Lebanon. They are being met by Missionaries like Sister Antoinette Assaf, who Sisters help run an Outreach Center and Medical clinic in Beirut.

From the streets to the priesthood.

Father Kalva’s story is like those of so many in the Missions – called to God for His people. As Seminarians, as priests, as Religious Men and Women – all remind those they serve that they are not abandoned and the Lord loves them.

Joy-filled, happy and enthusiastic – ready to work…

These words describe the many Seminarians, Religious Sisters & Brothers who serve in the Missions around the world. A small community on China’s Silk Road provides an ideal example. 400 of its 660 inhabitants are Catholic, well over the Chinese national average of one percent. This small village, Zan Jia Cun in the Diocese of Zhouzhi, has joyfully nurtured 14 vocations to the Church in recent years.