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Why Give to the Missions?

 “The poor of the Missions of the world need the comfortable to supply roofs for their churches, medicine for their hospitals, and clothes for their backs, but the comfortable need the poor in order that they may have the blessing of God in their hearts, the charity of Christ in their souls, and the   intercession of the poor who are friends of God.”   Archbishop Fulton Sheen    

All Catholics, through their Baptism, have a responsibility to share the Good News of Jesus Christ through their support of the Pontifical Mission Societies. The Pontifical Mission Societies are at the service of the Holy Father. By virtue of his ministry, the Pope knows and understands more than anyone else the pressing needs of the church.

Your donation is vital to the Missions. Funds that are donated to the Pontifical Mission Societies can be more far reaching and therefore more helpful than those given to one organization in one locale. It is through your generosity that the Societies allows Missionaries serving in the 1,111 dioceses around the world to be able to reach out to those in desperate need, bringing the message of Christ.

Sister Ingrid visits the poor in Katutura, Africa.

Your donation brings hope.
Your donation helps promote justice and by doing helps us in our living out the Gospel in our lives.

Your donation brings a future to all those living day-to-day, wondering what will happen next.

Your donation brings thankfulness from the Missionaries who take action beyond themselves and help others, from those most in need as they face their daily challenges, and from the Societies.

Your donation brings. . . thankfulness that we, through your generosity, are able to continue the work of Jesus.

Please continue to pray for the Church’s Missionary work.  Sharing your gifts along with your prayers allows you to partner with Pope Francis and the Pontifical Mission Societies in bringing the Gospel to those in need because “By loving and helping the poor, we love and serve Christ.” Pope Francis

Introduction to the Pontifical Mission Societies 

Father Tim Lehane, former Secretary General of the Pontifical Mission Societies reflects on the meaning of being Missionary.  This is from Zambia Easter ceremony of Holy Saturday, 2009. Interview with Father Timothy Lehane was recorded during the General Assembly of the Pontifical Mission Societies.

The Pontifical Mission Societies serve the Holy Father in order to proclaim the Gospel to all. The Societies support Mission countries, determined annually by the Holy See, worldwide through: