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Mission Stories – Miscellaneous

Cardinal Tagle’s Message To The Pontifical Mission Societies – May 2024

Faced with a waning interest in the Church in many parts of the world, Cardinal Tagle emphasized that the solution is not to “cancel the banquet,” but to “go out to invite everyone.”

Missionaries: Bringing the Waters of Life

Missionaries bring the Waters of Life in all kinds of ways. Through the waters of Baptism, they bring eternal life and through clean water they sustain physical life!

Mission Focus: Baptism

The Feast of the Baptism of the Lord is on January 13th. This  is a day to commemorate the Baptism of Jesus in the Jordan River by John the Baptist. It is also a wonderful time to recall our baptismal vows and to celebrate the wonderful gift God has given us. 

Pope Francis: “I Invite You To Pray For Peace In The Holy Land”

“I continue to follow with great sorrow what is happening in Israel and Palestine,” Pope Francis said on Sunday at the end of his weekly Angelus prayer. “Brothers and sisters, already many have died,” the Pope said. “Please, let no more innocent blood be shed, neither in the Holy Land nor in Ukraine, nor in any other place! Enough! Wars are always a defeat, always!”

Mission Focus: Daughters of Charity

In learning about Saint Louise de Marillac and the origin of the Daughters of Charity, it shows what a perfect opportunity to learn about the work of these women in Mission Lands. Shortly after their formation, the women, dressed in their distinctive gray wool dresses and large white headdress, called a habit, developed a pastoral care system. They formed a partnership of doctors, nurses, chaplains, and the Daughters of Charity who worked together caring for a patient’s mental, spiritual and physical health in many different institutions and homes.

The Need for Books and Prayers

As we relish the last weeks of Summertime in the Extraordinary Year of Mission, many of us have lighter schedules, vacations & more relaxing times . . . but in Mission lands . . . MORE Books, MORE Prayers
Are Needed for Seminarians and young Men & Women who will offer their lives to God as priests and Religious.
  Travel the world here and learn how they make a difference in the lives of the people they serve.

Mission Focus: Children with Disabilities in the Mission Lands

Fortunately, MCA helps Missionaries who take care of children with disabilities in the Missions who need our help! The Missionaries of the Institute of the Incarnate Word minister to disabled in the many Mission countries.