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As we relish the last weeks of Summertime in the Extraordinary Year of Mission, many of us have lighter schedules, vacations & more relaxing times . . . but in Mission lands . . .
MORE Books
MORE Prayers
Are Needed
for Seminarians and young Men & Women who will offer their lives to God as priests and Religious.  Travel the world here and learn how they make a difference in the lives of the people they serve.

BOLIVIA, SOUTH AMERICA  The San Cristobal Seminary in Bolivia re-opened its doors in Spring, 2018, began teaching 17 young men and has grown tremendously since.  Father Jose Bittschi explains, While the Seminarians are very dedicated to God’s call, there are still some very necessary renovations to the roof where the Seminarians go to hand wash and dry their clothes.” Repairs are needed for the room to be resistant to rain and hail. It rains inside as well as out.
$10 provides a sack of cement   $75 buys a washing machine
LAGUNA, PHILIPPINES  The Leaven of the Immaculate Heart of Mary Sisters [LIHM] in San Pablo City, Philippines have a thriving Noviate and have many needs to help form those interested in joining this Missionary Community. “Our work is to promote Eucharistic devotion, the Sacramental Life of the Church and to dedicate ourselves to help young families grow in the faith,” Sister Marcelina, LIHM, clarifies. “We are also here to minister to the poor in the local community.”  Support for these Sisters and many like them ensures that they can continue their
$50 helps buy material for habits
$$$ Any Amount helps with the Sisters’ tuition

TANZANIA, AFRICA   Our Holy Father, Pope Francis, elevated the Catholic Diocese of Mbeya to an Archdiocese. A robust number of Seminarians accepted the call to love and serve God as their vocation.  NOW this Seminary needs YOUR Help.  Due to this strong interest, the Seminary in Mbeya is short on supplies and the Seminarians there need financial support to continue their studies and pastoral obligations to the community they will serve.
$25 pays for textbooks and paper for a future priest
$500 buys a new laptop
We continue our journey . . .

CALCUTTA, INDIA   A home, more books – and prayers!  That’s what Father Santhanam is seeking for the 173 men preparing for the priesthood at the Morning Star Major Seminary in Calcutta, India. Prayers as they prepare to celebrate the Sacraments and to offer the message of the Gospel to uplift the poor. Financial help to add to their living quarters – there are more Seminarians than space – and to provide for an expanded library. “Our Seminarians are consumed by the Word of God, as they are called to be sowers of the Word,” explains Father Santhanam, Rector. “’Let your light shine’ is our motto,” he adds.  “Your help will enable the Lord’s light to shine through these priests.”
$25 pays for a textbook for a future priest
$150 helps provide housing repair for one Seminarian