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Shhhh. Let Me Tell You A Secret.

¿Do you want to find out the best-kept secret of the Church? Read what Bishop Vincent Mwakhwawa shares with us after 10 years as director of TPMS in Malawi.

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ in the USA:

As I pen this letter from the heart of Malawi, now serving as Auxiliary Bishop of the Archdiocese of Lilongwe, my min goes back to a pivotal moment in my priesthood: Being appointed as National Director of The Pontifical Mission Societies (TPMS). Until then, I had a vague idea of what the Societies did and represented, but through handover notes and reading various loose materials that were in the office, I realized I had been introduced to the Church’s best-kept secret.

Reflecting on this experience, I am reminded of the parable in Luke 15:8-10, where a woman lights a lamp and diligently searches for a lost coin until she finds it. Once found, she calls her friends and neighbors to share in her joy. In many ways, discovering the depth and impact of TPMS was akin to finding that precious coin. The work of TPMS, in its quiet yet profound influence, is like the candle in the parable, illuminating the path to sharing the Gospel, and in doing so, changing lives.

The Church in Malawi, much like many other mission territories in Africa, Asia, and Latin America, has been significantly shaped by the spiritual and financial support flowing through TPMS. This support has been a cornerstone in establishing churches, schools, health clinics, and various social service infrastructures. It is remarkable to think that the Church in the United States, itself a beneficiary of TPMS in its early years, has become a major contributor to our growth.

Your contributions, dear friends in the USA, have been a lifeline to our community. Through your generosity, we have witnessed the spread of the Gospel and the tangible manifestation of Christ’s love in Malawi. Every mission-driven project here, from rural health clinics combating diseases like malaria to schools educating future leaders, has been fueled by your prayers and financial sacrifices.

In my new role as Auxiliary Bishop, I carry with me the lessons learned from my TPMS experience. I see more clearly the crucial need for ongoing support and awareness of TPMS’s mission. As we continue to face challenges like poverty, disease, and the need for quality education, support from TPMS becomes ever more vital.

Your involvement, dear brothers and sisters in Christ, transcends geographical boundaries. It is a testament to the universal call to mission we all share as baptized Christians. Your prayers and generous gifts are not just acts of charity; they are acts of faith that reverberate across continents, bringing hope and transformation.

For over a decade as National Director of TPMS in Malawi, I witnessed first-hand how the support from TPMS, fueled by the generosity of Catholics like you in the United States, has been a beacon of hope and transformation. From the construction of churches to the establishment of schools and health clinics, the aid from TPMS has been a cornerstone in not just building infrastructure but also in nurturing faith and community.

The journey of the Church in Malawi, supported by TPMS, is a testament to the power of collective prayer, financial sacrifices, and unwavering faith. It is awe-inspiring to see how our parishes, our schools, and our clinics stand as physical manifestations of the Gospel, serving not just our Catholic community but all who seek refuge, knowledge, and healing.

As I embrace my new role as Auxiliary Bishop, this ‘best-kept secret’ of the Church is something I am committed to sharing everywhere. For it is through TPMS that the love and solidarity of the global Catholic community are most tangibly expressed. Your support through TPMS is not merely a donation; it is a sharing of the very treasure of our faith, akin to spreading the light of the Gospel in places where hope and guidance are most needed.

This mission, to bring the light of Christ to every corner of the world, is more crucial now than ever. In a world marred by poverty, injustice, and despair, the Church stands as a beacon of hope and salvation. You, dear friends in the United States, through your support of TPMS, are an integral part of this mission.

In closing, I want to thank you once again, American Catholics, for sharing your faith with us. Most of you have not met us, and would say,
some of you until today had never thought of us. But you have been the extended hand sharing the love of Christ with us.

Know that you are in my prayers, and that we are united in the mission of Christ,

Bishop Vincent Mwakhwawa