It is mid-morning on a warm Friday in the Philippines capital of Manila. Dozens of patients are already in a waiting room located in the slums of Tondo, one of the poorest sections in a city of 1.7 million people.  Here, the Canossa Health & Social Center serves as an oasis of hope.

The Canossa Health & Social Center is on the frontline in the Philippines to help fight tuberculosis. Its TB clinic works to eliminate the lung disease. The Center is on the frontline to help fight tuberculosis. Its TB clinic works to eliminate the lung disease, which can be fatal if not treated. “It is our dream to have a TB-free Philippines,” said Canossian Sister Susan Imperio,“Treating one client is treating the family as well, because you prevent the disease from spreading.” 

Many who are treated come from the barangay [village], called Smokey Mountain, where about 38,000 people who are indigent, scavengers or garbage collectors live. 

The Sisters do more than just treat tuberculosis.  They minister to these, the most needy in the barangays, integrating human and spiritual programs to make Jesus known and loved to them.  Programs from maternal delivery services and nutrition/medical programs to skills training and income generating projects – all to build a community that is human and Godly in the spirit of fellowship promoting health and life.

There is much HOPE, because of CARE is the Sisters motto.  Can you help them, and many Missionaries like them throughout the world, give more people the needed hope and love of Jesus?

$40 can provide medical treatment for 1 adult for a month 

$10 can provide a meal for 10 children per day