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Missionary Childhood Association [MCA]  Mission Resource

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We provide this Mission Resource so you can pull ideas from it, engage your children with missionary activities, and teach them about the missions.  Archbishop Perez has asked that all Archdiocese of Philadelphia schools and PREP programs prioritize the Mission Societies[Letter from the Archbishop can be found HERE) We understand that you cannot possibly use all of these resources, but you are asked to implement them however possible!



This issue includes an emphasis on Angels as messengers of God. We are called to be missionary and share the Gospels, similar to Angels. Check out the back-to-school prayer service, supplemental classroom activities, our featured Missionary Saint and a Missionary story about Malawi.

November- Thanksgiving and Advent

January- Epiphany and CSW

February- Lent

May- Mary End of the School Year

Find Archived Resources HERE

No resource is created during the Summer Months, but if you would like resources, to bring in a Missionary Speaker, or create World Mission Rosaries for your Summer PREP Program or Vacation Bible School, contact Paul Cillo at the MCA office. 215-587-3945


Eucharistic Mission Passport – Available October 1st after the Eucharistic Congress. Check out the PREVIEW below.