ABOUT the Archdiocese of Philadelphia’s 

Each year, Missionary Cooperation Plan [MCP] Appeals introduce the faithful of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia to a Catholic Missionary, that may be working in the local Archdiocese of Philadelphia area or, but has a ministry in one of the Mission Dioceses world-wide.  There are 1,111 Mission Dioceses where the Church has just just been brought to a particular culture or area, persecuted or poor. Speakers bring stories of their ministry alive and the faithful of the parish have an opportunity to relate to this visiting Missionary in a way that would otherwise be relegated to a bulletin or pulpit announcement. Parish participation is important to give a sign to all Catholics in Philadelphia of our universal vocation through our baptismal call to be Missionary.

Participating Missionary groups represent the Mission needs of the Church ad gentes.  It is the only time that a parish is obligated to have a Mission Appeal.  If other groups throughout the year contact your parish to do an appeal, feel free to explain the Missionary Cooperation Plan Appeal and have them contact our office [given our organization’s standing in the Church internationally, we are in a position to vet other Catholic Mission speakers/groups]

PROCESS:  A Mission Group is assigned to each parish.  The Mission Group arranges with each Pastor to send a Speaker, on a weekend [May to August], to make an Appeal. For the Missionary Cooperation Plan appeal, a collection is taken & sent to the Pontifical Mission Societies. Funds collected are then sent to the Mission Group.


2018 Missionary Cooperation Plan

Forms for Parishes:
2018 MCP Parish Appeal Scheduling and Order Form   

2018 MCP Parish Appeal Weekend Guidelines

Forms for Missionary Groups: 
2018 Mission Coop Scheduling Reminders

MCP Appeals weekends can now be scheduled anytime through 12/31/18, EXCEPT for in the MONTH of October. [[October is for World Mission Sunday and its collection].

Important Dates: 

  • MCP Weekend Appeal Scheduling Form-Return by Monday, April 16, 2018.  ONLY Return this information after you have spoken to your Missionary assigned to your parish and determined a date.
  • Information was sent to your parish about the Missionary group and how the collection will help their ministries. If you have not received this information, contact Michele Meiers.
  • This is the only time that a parish is obligated to have a Mission Appeal & Collection.
  • The Mission group is responsible to contact you by Friday, March 30, 2018 to arrange a suitable weekend. Please contact Michele Meiers if you have not heard from your assigned group.

Contact Information for Michele Meiers
215-587-3944 or pofaith@archphila.org