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Be the Lord’s Witnesses …and Sacrifice

Our Baptism into the Catholic faith teaches us that Lent is a time to sacrifice.  It is a time to be a witness to our Lord by giving joyfully   A time to reach out and love the poor and needy.  And as, Blessed Pauline Jaricot, the Societies founder, says, “To truly help others is to bring them to God.”

Your sacrifice can help build a much-needed Church in the Missions, which will also serve as a school, faith formation center and community gathering place.  In many Mission areas, Mass is held at an outstation.  A Divine Word Missionary speaks to one of his first “outstation” Masses in the small village of Mondou located in Chad in central Africa,

“We drove past some small buildings, and I saw a huge crowd under a tree.  I was told that they were there to celebrate the Mass!  And I was shocked.”

Father goes on, “There are many well-built churches that are empty in other countries, but here in Chad and throughout the Missions, hundreds do not even have a simple building to celebrate Mass.  During the five-month rainy season, with no buildings and the lack of passable roads, Eucharistic celebrations are stopped.  These communities miss out on the source and summit of Christian life.

Would you sacrifice, just $3-a-day for 40 days during Lent, to build a Church in the Missions?

This helps buy materials like cement and bricks.