Growing the Faith in Mission Lands  
Will you be the one to help cultivate the seed?

Today, the Saint Thomas Aquinas Katigondo Seminary in Masaka, Uganda, a Mission country supported by the Pontifical Mission Societies, has 300 students being formed to be tomorrow’s leaders in the faith.  For many of these future Religious living in Mission areas, their studies would not continue and the seeds of their faith cannot grow without the financial support of the members of the  Society of St. Peter Apostle  . . . one of the Pontifical Mission Societies.

Seminarians at Saint Thomas Aquinas Seminary in Uganda are being formed in the faith –  and in the field, as they learn agriculture practices on the Seminary’s farm, the knowledge they’ll take to their future parishes to help combat hunger.

These future priests will be ready to feed body and soul.

Africa is a continent of abundant natural resources, farmland and workers, yet daily, millions go hungry or are malnourished.  Pope Francis has called each of us to “eliminate this injustice.”

These future priests & Religious can make a difference.

One such priest, trained at the St. Thomas Seminary is Father Joachim.  Father attributes his vocation to the priesthood through those priests he met during his youth, along with the prayer life of his family.  “Priesthood was an inclination deep in my heart,” Father Joachim says, “I am very grateful to all who have helped it grow.”  By faith that was nurtured by friends and family, Father was able to complete his studies and become a parish priest and begin his role in nurturing the seeds of the Catholic faith in others. C

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Each year, St. Peter Apostle helps to send over 30,000 Seminarians and 10,000 Religious Men & Women to school; providing text books, technology, housing, food, medical care and financial support.  Please consider helping cultivate our Catholic faith.  

Growing the Faith – Will you help?
$90 . . . give a Dollar-A Day for each day of Summer
to buy a semester of text books. 
$60 covers one Month’s Tuition for a Priest or Religious Sister or Brother, $30 for two week’s, while
$700 provides a Full Year’s Scholarship.

Your daily prayers are so important to all those considering a Religious vocation.  Growing a relationship with Christ will also help each of us grow as a Missionary Disciple.  Continue your Discipleship and keep all our Seminarians and Religious in your prayers as they begin to plant the seeds to grow the Catholic faith.

AND, as a REMINDER of your support in planting the seeds to grow the Catholic Faith receive a Free Packet of SEEDS to plant with your donation. 


Year of Living as
Missionary Disciples

Respond to Pope Francis’ apostolic exhortation “The Joy of the Gospel” Evangelii Gaudium as he invites all of us to be Missionary Disciples.

By this declaration, Pope Francis is asking each one of us personally to live out the call of our baptism, to know and live the faith and to witness to the Gospel in word and deed. “Every Christian is challenged here and now to be actively engaged in evangelization. Anyone who has truly experienced God’s love should proclaim that love.”

Jesus Christ himself teaches us how to evangelize, how to invite people into communion with him and how to create a culture of witness: namely, through love, mercy and joy. Christ gives us direction: “Go therefore and make disciples of all nations . . .” Mt 28:19

Each day is the perfect time to take part in this Mission of Christ. We are called to Missionary Discipleship in concrete places and relationships of our daily lives. 

For example, some young women, suffering because of their family situation and poverty, are forced to live on the street in Chennai, India.  They grow up surrounded by crime, prostitution and other traumatizing experiences. Many of the girls become indifferent, suspicious, disheartened and broken by life’s circumstance.  Sister Mary Gloria, a Salesian Missionary, helps restore the childhood of girls living on the streets by offering simple gifts.




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