To Be More Like Pauline Jaricot

Pauline-Marie Jaricot, Founder of the Societies

July 22,1799-January 9,1862

January 9th marks the Anniversary of the death of Venerable Pauline Jaricot. Early in the 19th century, as a 17-year old French girl, she was inspired by letters about the Missions from her brother, and started gathering together small groups — mostly workers in her family’s silk factory. She asked each member of the group to offer daily prayer and a weekly sacrifice of a sou (about a penny) for the Church’s worldwide Missionary work. Pauline insisted that her efforts be directed to all the Church’s Missions, that it be universal.

From Pauline’s prayerful efforts came the Society for the Propagation of the Faith . . . now one of the Pontifical Mission SocietiesThe very first collection in 1822 supported the vast new Diocese of Louisiana, which then extended from the Florida Keys to Canada, as well as the Missions of Kentucky & China. Philadelphia was a part of this Diocese.  So in essence our “Mission” Diocese at the time, received some of the first donations from the Pontifical Mission Societies.  

Since 1989, a Philadelphian donor to the Pontifical Mission Societies has been donating $1 dollar a week to the Missions. Like a modern day Pauline Jaricot, her simple sacrifice of $52 dollars a year is benefiting the Missions. What can you do to emulate her legacy?


As we begin 2020, the Pontifical Mission Societies challenges you to give just $1 a week to the Missions, as Pauline Jaricot encouraged those around her to give a weekly sacrifice for the Missionary work of the Church.