Mission stories for the coming weeks of Advent

Second Week of ADVENT-PEACE

Give PEACE to the Soriya in Phnom Penh Cambodia this ADVENT

In Cambodia, many families move to the city from the countryside to look for jobs. Soriya, her little sister, Chanlina, and her family are one such family. A move to the city of Phnom Penh, held promise.


Moving created problems for seven-year old Soriya.  It is difficult to register in Cambodian schools, and even with both her parents working, their $65 a month – only about $2 day could not cover school fees of $35.00 and living expenses.  Soriya and Chalina are forced to stay at home all day – unsupervised.

Thankfully, the Lindalva Centre, run by Missionary Sisters, brought PEACE for Soriya’s family!  The Sisters encourage the families to send the children daily to the Centre,a safe and friendly place.

The children will learn Khmer, the native language, English and Math.  Most of all, th e Sisters care and share the gift of hope by teaching the “Good News” of Jesus  

Your help and prayers will give PEACE to the children and families of Phnom Penh and help to keep the Centre open and to pay for school books, food and teachers.




Give JOY to the children of Lodwar, Kenya this ADVENT.

Turkana, in the Diocese of Lodwar in Kenya, is one of the driest regions in the world. In December, the children go “sledging” – sledding on sand using an old piece of plastic. It’s almost as good as on snow! Children also play simple games like sticks-n-stones or hide-n-seek.

Play time comes only after chores and hard work. . .

Fetching water is a daily chore for children throughout Kenya. In Turkana, the search for water often involves digging holes in a dried-up riverbed. Reaching water may require digging 16 feet into the dry ground and the water is not often clean, which brings about sickness.

Your help and prayers will give JOY to the children and families of Lodwar and help construct a purified water station.



Give LOVE to Haiti Children this ADVENT

For the last decade, Haiti has been in desperate need of LOVE for its people.  A severe earthquake devastated the country in 2010. This left 200,000 people dead and millions homeless. Another path of disaster was wrought in 2016, when Hurricane Matthew hit. 

Father Louis provides HOPE for those in the small village of Anse-à-Veau, Haiti.  Father and his Missionaries at his parish offer lunch to about 40 children daily.  This fills their often empty stomachs and, in most cases, provides their only meal of the day. 

Father’s volunteer Missionaries help as many in their community as they can, following Jesus’ teachings to “do to others as you would have them do to you.”   They not only feed the hungry, but provide clean drinking water for the community, assist students with school tuition, care for handicapped priests and bring aid to those who they can with medical needs.

Your help and prayers will give LOVE to HAITI children and families of Anse-à-Veau and help Father Louis to provide for the needs of the community and follow Jesus’ teaching.