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In the Philippines, a donation of only $40  has helped open a classroom.  This is not your typical classroom.  One expects families to visit cemeteries to pray for deceased relatives, but one does not expect to find a cemetery that is basically a small village, with many families living among the tombs. For Father Max Abalos, SVD, this is his parish and community.  The Pontifical Mission Societies opened classrooms inside the cemeteries to provide daycare & nursery schools for the children.  $40 . . . supports one child, helping to provide food, shelter and education for almost half a year!  

Say “Mission” today and most think of Africa and Asia, of faraway places where the poor hear the “Good News” of Jesus and experience the Lord’s great love through the work and witness of missionaries. But a century ago, the “Missions” were right here at home, and Missionaries from Europe proclaimed the Gospel and served the poor here in America, on our own shores all motivated by the command of Jesus to “go, make disciples of all nations.” Mt 28:19

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A Message Pontifical Mission Societies Director in the Philippines