We must pray, and not for ourselves, but for the world . . .                   

  -Venerable Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen

These words of Venerable Archbishop Fulton Sheen are important now, more then ever, as the entire world is suffering during this Pandemic. We must pray together for an end to this pandemic and most importantly for each other. In the Missions, where resources are already scarce, Missionaries and the people they serve especially need your prayers . . .

In INDIA, Sister Anila explains the situation for the Daughters of Mary and how they are trying to help the poor and most vulnerable during this difficult time. LEARN MORE
In ITALY, Even in this time of emergency, and dealing with the tragic loss of nine of their sisters to COVID19, The Sisters of Don Orione [Little Missionary Sisters of Charity] continue to carry out their work of assistance all over the world, trying to face the new difficulties. LEARN MORE
In BOLIVIA, Despite the stay at home order, children are being encouraged to show their Missionary Spirit at home for MCA Day in Bolivia with the Motto From my home, like Teresita, I am also a missionary!” LEARN MORE
In AFRICA, The mission of the Saint Francis Sisters is to educate the communities they serve on proper hygiene techniques and preventative measures that can be taken, as well as to equip the local hospitals. The Sisters will also provide the materials – masks, gloves, gowns, sanitizers, soap – that hospitals are lacking.. LEARN MORE