In order to invoke the health and protection of the people of God, after the blessing imparted by Pope Francis on Friday, March 27, from St. Peter’s Square, some Dioceses in Brazil promoted particular initiatives to bless the faithful, invite them to prayer and show closeness even in this period of isolation due to Covid-19.

In Goiânia, Brazil, Archbishop Washington Cruz flew over the Capital and metropolitan region with the Blessed Sacrament: “Jesus Christ, resurrection and life, make us strong in faith and grant us the gift of healing, the gift of overcoming this pandemic,” he said. The Archbishop commented his experience with these words: “It was an experience of my smallness, of my nothingness. It was Jesus the Sacrament who flew over Goiânia. I was just an instrument that carried it.   It was He who certainly blessed Goiânia, the surroundings, the archdiocese, Brazil and the whole world”.