The Advent and Christmas seasons present opportunities to teach children the importance of their Baptismal call to Mission — and the related call to prayer and sacrificial giving, so that others may come to know Jesus, and experience the love, hope and peace that comes through faith in Him. Learn about the Missions during Advent, and see how your children can help other children around the world through their prayers and sacrifices! 

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Holy Buckets, a Missionary Childhood Association Advent/Christmas program, engages young people in their call to be missionaries, seeking their prayers, actions and monetary sacrifices for their brothers and sisters in the Missions, while providing age-appropriate religious instruction and enhancing preparation for the Christmas Season. The program is also designed to move beyond the classroom, engaging families who, by virtue of their Baptism, share in the triple mission of Christ: priest, prophet, and king.

Advent, Christmas Prayer Services
MCA Advent Wreath Prayer Service 
Blessing of a Christmas Tree USCCB

Family Prayers for Blessing Creche
MCA Family Prayer for Epiphany 2016

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