“Help us travel the globe on World Mission Sunday with your own Mission Land Banner!”

Gather your family and friends to design a Mission Land Banner!  Use your God-given talents and creativity to design banners to represent one of the Five Mission Areas of the World Mission Rosary:  Africa, Oceania/Pacific Isles, Europe, the Americas or Asia.

If you WIN – your design will be a part of the Procession at the Archdiocesan Extraordinary Year of Mission World Mission Sunday Mass to be held on October 20, 2019 at the Basilica Cathedral of SS. Peter & Paul, Philadelphia.  Winning Banner artwork will be recognized and displayed prominently in the Cathedral, will appear on the website www.phillymissions.org, in publications of the Pontifical Mission Societies and at Mission-oriented Events throughout the upcoming years!  

Entering is Easy & Fun!  

  1. Select A Mission Area of your Choice [Africa, Oceania/Pacific Isles, Europe, the Americas or Asia]
  2. Design your Banner which best depicts the specific Mission Area
  3. Submit your Design with the completed Entry Form attached to back of artwork
  4. Hope your Entry is Chosen to be a part of the Exciting Year of Mission!  

Deadline for entries is September 9, 2019

CLICK HERE to Print an Entry Form


  • The contest is open to parishioners of Archdiocese of Philadelphia Parishes. All entries must be postmarked and/or received no later than September 9, 2019.
  • Each entry [drawing] MUST have the following information printed on the back: name,

Parish name, address and phone number. Please copy the entry form and use it for this purpose. Artwork will not be accepted without this form. Use tape to secure your form to the back of artwork.  Do not fold artwork.

  • Artwork that does not conform to the guidelines will be disqualified.
  • All entries become the property of the Pontifical Mission Societies, which reserves the right to depict all or part of the selected illustratio It is not possible for the Pontifical Mission Societies office to offer any compensation for entries or to return them, whether or not they are used.
  • One banner design from each mission area will be selected for Archdiocesan recognition and the artwork reproduced as the official Archdiocesan banner representing the people and missionaries from that area.



  • Artwork must be on an 8.5” x 11” sheet of WHITE paper — no construction or lined pa White card stock is okay.
  • The illustration must be depicted portrait (VERTICALLY).
  • People must illustrate one of the Mission Areas listed under the heading “Mission Areas” below.
  • Acceptable media includes crayons, pastels, colored pencils, markers, tempera or watercolor pain PLEASE — NO LEAD PENCILS.
  • Artwork must be the artist’s ow Tracings and direct copies of other art cannot be considered.

Artist selected as finalists may be asked to validate the originality of their artwork.


Mission Areas  

  • Only designs depicting the Mission Areas and colors below are eligible for consideration (select one area for your design):
    • Green for the forests and grasslands of AFRICA
    • Blue for the ocean surrounding the Islands of the Pacific (OCEANIA)
    • White symbolizing EUROPE, the seat of the Holy Father
    • Red calling to mind the fire of faith that brought missionaries to the AMERICAS
    • Yellow for the morning light of the East, ASIA.



  • Use a lot of eye-catching colo Bolder colors reproduce best. Lightly colored artwork will not show up well if reduced.
  • Be careful to erase or cover pencil outli
  • Do not include text or lettering on the drawin
  • Fill up most of the page, being careful not to let the main parts of the drawing get too close to the edges of the pa
  • Make sure facial features on people and animals are bold (e. nose, eyes, lips, etc.) so they will reproduce well.


PLEASE NOTE: Due to the volume of entries received, we are unable to personally acknowledge or return entries.