Mass Cards, Memorial & Sacramental Gifts

Do this in memory of Me

Throughout the year, people want to remember their loved ones in a spiritual way. The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is the perfect offering made to God because it is Christ Himself who is priest and sufferer.

Around the world, hour by hour, as the Eucharist is offered, Jesus’ sacrifice on Calvary and His Resurrection are made present, and His redeeming work continues for all. Christ told us,

The benefits of each Mass are infinite and include the whole world. The Blood of the new and everlasting covenant was shed for you and for all.” Those who have holy Mass offered and those for whom a Mass is offered partake in a special way of the grace of the Eucharistic sacrifice.

Masses for Loved Ones

Spiritually, as you unite yourself with the priest who offers the Sacrifice of the Mass for your intentions, you share a bond of great strength: love of Christ in the Eucharist, trust in His love for you and faith in the power of prayer.

Throughout the centuries, Catholics have followed the praiseworthy custom of requesting that Mass be celebrated for themselves, or for loved ones, living or deceased.

Priest serving Mass in MissionsThe Mass intention can be to ask God’s blessing and grace on a loved one during his or her entire life, from birth to death. So often we think Masses can be celebrated only for the deceased, but they may be  offered for best wishes, healing, get well, birthdays, anniversaries or simply to express thanks and praise to God for a loved one.

Through the Mass offering, you are united in love of Christ in the Eucharist and faith in the power of prayer  

A Mission priest will celebrate Mass for you, a friend or family member, living or deceased. 

Your Mass Offering is a special help to a Mission priest, poor himself and serving among the poorest of the human family. For many Mission priests, Mass Offerings are a substantial means of day-by-day support.Mass intentions are sent to Priests in Mission dioceses world wide — to Africa, Asia, islands of the South Pacific & remote regions of Latin America.

To have a Mass celebrated by a Missionary priest, mail this Mass Card Form as of April 1, 2018 with your information or use your credit card on our secure website location here.


Sacred Vestments & Vessels for Mission Priests

Liturgical celebrations in the “Mission Church,” especially, the Sacrifice of the Mass, are enhanced by Memorial gifts. Your gift will unite you in spirit with your brothers and sisters in a Mission community as they receive the Eucharist and come to realize the fruits of this wonderful faith we share.  To remember a loved one, consider an engraved Chalice, Ciborium, Cruet Set or Vestment. 

Liturgical Gift Order Form

Mass Offerings

+Enrollment—Individual for One or Ten Years or Family for Ten Years: The person or family and their intentions will be remembered for the number of years enrolled.  This person or family will share in 15,000 Masses celebrated annually together with a remembrance in the prayers, good works and sacrifices of all Missionaries throughout the world.  Additionally, they will be included in the intentions of a special daily Mass celebrated at the Vatican.
+Perpetual Enrollment:  The person or family receives all the remembrances as in the Enrollment above, but ongoing forever.
+$5 or $10 Masses:  Mass cards are available for Living or Deceased Persons for all types of occasions and/or Special Intentions. 
+Novena Masses: Nine consecutive days of prayer are offered for the person or intention.
+Set of Gregorian Masses: Thirty consecutive days of prayer are offered for the deceased.
+World of Masses: A Mass will be celebrated by a Mission priest on each continent of the five continents of the world for the person or intention.

To have a Mass celebrated by a Missionary Priest, download this Mass Card Form as of April 1, 2018[click on the words to download] with mailing instructions or use your credit card at our safe and secure website location here

Each Enrollment comes with your choice of a Memorial Print.

Contact us if there is a special occasion or some other type of Memorial print that you would like to be included in the Enrollment Mass.  We can create other versions for use.