The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is the perfect offering made to God because it is Christ Himself who is priest and victim. Around the world, hour by hour, as the Eucharist is offered, Jesus’ sacrifice on Calvary and His Resurrection are made present, and His redeeming work continues for all.

The benefits of each Mass are infinite and include the whole world. Those who have holy Mass offered, and those for whom a Mass is offered, partake in a special way of the grace of the Eucharistic sacrifice. Throughout the centuries, Catholics have followed the custom of requesting that Mass be celebrated for themselves, or for loved ones, living or deceased.

To have a Mass celebrated by a Missionary Priest, here is a Mass Card Form to mail or you can use your credit card on our secure website location here


    Three Girls Praying Nov

We Pray to You, Our Dear Lord

Help us be strong, and always turn to You when we feel lost and weak.

Help us be brave, and always give of ourselves to others in Your name.

Help us be compassionate, and always share Your love.

Help us be charitable, and always give to others
less fortunate than ourselves.

Help us increase our faith, and share Your Good News with the world.

Jesus, You came and died for us so that we may have eternal life.

help us to be Your Missionary Disciples, as we recognize the opportunities we have every day to share in Your Mission to the whole world!