Fourth Annual World Mission Dinner

Fourth Annual World Missoin Dinner & Ambassador Award Ceremony.
Arthur & Mary Anne Burke honored and help to kick-off the Extraordinary Year of Mission

MCP – Help to Support Missionaries

ABOUT the Archdiocese of Philadelphia’s  MISSIONARY COOPERATION PLAN Each year, Missionary Cooperation Plan [MCP] Appeals introduce the faithful of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia to a Catholic Missionary, that may be working in the local Archdiocese of Philadelphia area or, but has a ministry in one of the Mission Dioceses world-wide.  There are 1,111 Mission Dioceses […]

Father’s Day in Mission Lands

The celebration of Father’s Day originated in the United States, but has also taken hold in Mission lands throughout the world.

Imagine: Your Hands can make a Difference

Imagine your hands helping Sister Anna of the Missionary Sisters of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus. She arrived in the rural village of El Factor in the Dominican Republic and found it to be blessed with beautiful weather and warm, welcoming people. She also discovered that the village had no educational system for the youngest children. Parents were very busy, farming the land to grow what they ate or selling used goods that they scavenged to buy luxuries like cooling oil or salt. This left young children roaming the streets of the village, unattended.