Love & Mission

Missionaries serving in Lebanon understand the words that Pope Francis spoke about Christian love. Desperate for help, peoples are fleeing in great numbers to Lebanon. They are being met by Missionaries like Sister Antoinette Assaf, who Sisters help run an Outreach Center and Medical clinic in Beirut.

Modern Day Birth of Jesus

No Room at the Inn, but a Home with the Sisters. In Egypt, the Lord’s love is born in the hearts of homeless men and women as they are welcomed to a home run by the Missionaries of Charity – Blessed Mother Teresa’s Sisters. Here 11 Sisters care for 65 men and women and also provide food and other aid to the poor families in the surrounding neighborhood.

Source of Life

How many times have you had a drink of water today? Washed your hands? Or taken a shower in a week? Many of us do not think of water as being an indulgence. It’s always there. So, for many, it’s hard to believe that over 800 million people around the world do not have clean water to drink.

To the Place No One Wants to Go

Sister Ingrid Oletti keeps going. Day after day, she makes the rounds in Katatura — a city in Namibia whose name means “the place where nobody wants to go.”