The Archdiocesan Celebration of World Mission Sunday, 2018 will be held at the Mother Church of the Archdiocese, the Cathedral Basilica SS Peter & Paul in Philadelphia. Bishop John McIntyre will be the celebrant and homilist for this special Mission Mass at 11:00AM on Sunday, October 21, 2018.  

After Mass, the Missionary Childhood Association will recognize the Winners from the Archdiocese of Philadelphia for their submissions to the 2017-18 Missionary Childhood Association Christmas Artwork Contest. This year’s Winners are:

Natalie Cardillo, St. Monica, Philadelphia
Isaiah Giddens, Regina Coeli Academy, Abington
JuanPablo Pulido, St. Peter the Apostle School, Philadelphia
David Rendon-Garcia, Sacred Heart, Swedesburg
Grace Stephen, Maternity BVM, Philadelphia






2018 World Mission Sunday Universal Prayer Intentions
2018 World Mission Sunday Homily Starters
2018 World Mission Sunday Message to Faithful from Archbishop Chaput

World Map with WMR Colors in CirclesThe World Mission Sunday celebration in 2018 is on October 21. This year is very special for all of us in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia, as it begins the Extraordinary Year of Mission. On this Sunday, the faithful of Philadelphia, will gather at the Eucharist, as will Catholics throughout the world, in a spirit of love for Evangelization.

On World Mission Sunday, as the faithful in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia family join our brothers and sisters around the world, we connect with our world on Mission:  . . .

2015 Poster Mongolia  Circle Art Element. . . .with Africa, where six million children receive an education in some 16,000 Church-run elementary schools
. . . with Asia, where those who are sick are provided with care at 5,000 Catholic hospitals and small clinics2015 Poster Asia Circle Art Element
. . . with the Americas, where catechists travel to remote areas to bring the Good News of the God’s great love to families
.2015 Poster Boy from Missions Circle Art Element . . with Oceania, where young men are supported in their studies for the priesthood
. . . with Europe, where new churches are being built to welcome faith communities, renewed after years of persecution.

Your prayers and material support will help the Pontifical Mission Societies, the Holy Father’s chief missionary arm, to provide resources to Missionaries who proclaim the Gospel and offer help to our brothers and sisters throughout 1,111 Mission dioceses, at the present time.

Bishop Wens baptizes the faithful

Bishop Wens of Mongolia baptizes the faithful

“Jesus said to Saint Peter, ‘Upon this rock, I will build my Church.’ and I’m thinking that is also addressed to me when I came to Mongolia,” expressed Most Reverend Wens, a Missionary who is now Bishop, of Mongolia, the youngest Catholic Church in the World.

Bishop Wens was literally starting from zero — no Catholics in Mongolia when he and his fellow missionaries arrived. The first Baptisms, as a group, took place after three years of their presence. In that group of 13 was Bishop Wens’ secretary.

From that first group, the number of Catholics has continued to grow across Mongolia, with the total today numbering around 850. Each Easter, on average, 20 to 50 join the Church. Bishop Wens remains as committed today as on that first day, to reach out and offer practical and spiritual support to those in need — and to continue to build the Church.

He says, “Reach out… It summarizes everything that I want to do as a priest, as a bishop, and as a Christian—to reach out to others. And Pope Francis is very strong on this, ‘Go out, go there and do something for the people especially the poor’…Because that’s what I wanted to do, reaching out to people, to the poor.

Your prayers and generous support offered to the Pontifical Mission Societies on World Mission Sunday directly benefit the Mission church – places like Mongolia where the young church is growing, filled with zeal for the faith, but lacking resources for its outreach to families and those in need. Such support is a concrete way to “build our Church” – to deepen your relationship with Jesus by helping Bishop Wens and so many other Missionaries around the world.

This year, your generosity on World Mission Sunday will touch parish communities across the world, like this  in Mongolia

This year, your generosity on World Mission Sunday will touch parish communities across the world, like this in Mongolia